Friday, May 15, 2009

*Blog About Palestine Day* - Silence

time: dawn ..15 of May 1948 
place: Palestine..

Silence in the house... Henna* was gazing through the open window. The sky was clear.. she could see the stars sparkling here and there, she felt a little spring breeze coming into her face, she looked up and said with a slow voice almost sobing : "ya Ummana ... e7meena bukra" 

She closed the window, and went out of the bedroom. She didn't want to wake Kareem up, he has spent the entire day at his father's shop discussing weather to open tomorrow or not... rumors have spread that tomorrow will be the day. 

Henna went into the kids room. Layla was sleeping and hugging her pilow.. but Luka was awake.. he pretended at first that he was sleeping.. but when Henna approached to him.. his worried eyes sparkled in the darknes...

Henna: why are you still up son? 
Luka: i couldn't sleep... i am worried... will dad let me go out tomorrow and play in the neighbourhood ? i heard him talking that it will be a very bad day tomorrow.. and that we should all stay at home. 
Henna: Inshalla it will be fine..
Luka: but mom, what if .. - Henna : It will be fine..come here....

She hugged her son tightly, knowing that it won't be fine.. 

Silence again... Henna's mind travelled again.. she remembered her mother and father.. who taught her how to love her home.. how to love her family... and how to cherish laughter and peace.. her eyes got filled with tears the minute she started thinking.. will she be able to teach her kids all that? will they survive the next day..? 

Many have already left.. but Kareem wanted to stay.. its the house of his grandfather.. the family legacy.. how can he leave it?  he wanted Layla to be given away to her future husband from the yard of the very same house.. he wanted to see his grandchildren playing under the same tree he used to play.. it was the best time of his life.. his memory was so vivid in his dream.. even though he was sleeping.. his mind was awake... 


the 16th of May 1948 came...nothing was left... Silence in the house. 

* The names mentioned above.. are fictitious.. Any resemblance to real persons.. living or dead, is purely coinsidence.. the event however.. has happend on the 15 of May 1948.. in Palestine.


  1. i hope the world hear our story...

  2. sad but true...
    i say to all Hennas, Kareems, Laylas and lukas of Palestine...

    We will go back.

  3. the world will hear this...I just hope they will listen.