Sunday, May 17, 2009

and the winner is... Norway! See you in Oslo 2010

This Years Eurovision Song Contest finally ended yesterday.. as expected with a scandinavian victory  by Norway.. who will host the next year's Eurovision. The show itself was pretty good, the stage was magnificant.. and it really gave a huge impact on each song's performance. 

The organization however, specially the russian element in the show was a bit annoying and at some points i think it was offensive. For instance, in the first semi -final, before announcing the results the hosts presented the military Choir of the Russian Army to sing some Russian songs, now it would have been ok if we didn't suddenly see a tank and a military airplane colored in funcky colors appearing on the stage.. and then out of no where... the russian duo t.A.T.u started singing their Hit "Your not gonna get us"... i mean even the lyrics of the song are implying the fact that they wanna show the world how superior they are.. as a nation.. and as a power.. and thats pretty offensive.

On the other hand, in the final, there was this reportage made by the host tv in the streets of Moscow.. asking people to sing live... just to prove to the world that their vitory in the contest last year was well deserved.. so their first stop was asking 2 soldires !! i mean why do we need to have soldiers appearing on TV.. we get it.. you have a mighty Army.. 

Another interesting act by the host was the anouncement of the begining of the voting time, which was made by the Russian Space station/Sattelite.. and they connected the European viewers live with the Space ship to "press the button" and start the voting process.. Again.. we get it.. you are powerful and have space ship!!

So bascially, Russia paid more attention on showing itself.. rather than showing their rich culture.. i don't get it.. they have soooo many things to be proud of.. rather on showing to the world their strength. That was the laim part of the show.. aside ofcourse of having soo many average songs.. and singers focused on the coreography and the dance routine more than the song and the music itself (like Greece, Turkey and Germany).

Anyhow i think that the show was Ok.. and probably one of the good songs won. Here is the Norwegian entrey and winning song :

and here is my personal favourite.. Moldova.. that i wished it got more points but didn't :) :

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