Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ethno Music

I'd say its the soul of a nation put in musical notation.

Sometimes you don't need to actually visit a country

to experience its culture and elevate to their spiritual patriotism.

You don't have to know the people,

you don't have to know their background,

you don't have to understand their language,

just close your eyes and listen.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Its interesting how different countries experience the Elections phenomena. There are ofcourse some general observations everywhere... that it's an event that takes the country's attention for couple of weeks or even a year...

Here in Jordan, this phenomena haven't changed much since it started 20 years ago; streets filled with candidates' names, mansaf, knafe, pink promises and ofcourse the Radio begging vote for me method. Its worth mentioning that within last year's elections campagne new more technologically inhanced methods were used like Facebook ads, or lets say Internet in general.
But hey lets take a look how other countries experience elections.. aside of our arab world.

In the United States -as we can see these days- the competition between Hillary and Obama has not only become a world wide discussio topic but also an entertainment for the US' citizens. Every meeting and debate between the leaders are widely followed at least by those who are interested in politics. All the candidates for the upcoming presidential elections in the US use professional agencies just to conduct their campagne moreover to take care of every little detail from the color of the balloons to the candidates speech. Ofcourse all that needs money to fund all these activities.
So since they don't need Mansaf or Knafe to feed the voters, they spend their money to make sure everything goes perfect in any meeting with the voters.

Lets take another example of a little bit modest campagne compared to the American one. This year, actually on the 1st of June , the Republic of Macedonia will go into its first early general elections. Their approach of campagning was different this year. In order to attract youth to vote, they decided to pull the popular singer and performers into singing a campagne song that carries the Party's main objective and moto. In every public apperance of the party they make sure to start their meeting with those singers performing the coalition song live which in a way secretly makes sure that the singer's fans will vote for that party.

Here is their song... i wonder if that will give a result on the 1st of June.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Eurovision Song Contest

The Eurovision Song contest is probably the biggest musical event in Europe that has been occuring for the past 53 years. It's a contest between all the members of European Broadcasting Union (EBU). The winning song is selected by televoting, each country can give points from 1 to 12 but don't have the right to vote for its own song. The Country that gathers the most points wins the Contest and the Winning country becomes the new Eurovision Host.

Many famous singers kicked their carrier from this contest to name a few: ABBA, Celine Dion (as Swiss participant), Jonny Logan, Helena Paparizou, Dima Bilan and many others. This contest is usually organized in the second or the third week of May each year. During the previous 3 months each country organizes internal selection for their entry for the contest.

Due to the increasing number of participating countries (43) as of this year there were 2 semifinals in which the participants perform their songs and the best 10 songs from each semifinal proceed to the final with the Big 4 (UK,France, Germany and Spain - who go directly to the Final becoz they fund the contest) and the winning song from the previous contest.

It is a trend that the winning song or at least the participating songs become a Hit sometimes within europe other times to the whole world like the case of Greece's winning song "My number one" by Helena Paparizou that was extremely popular here in Amman (though i doubt that people new that it was an ESC winning song :) )

Its interesting to point out that Jordan Radio Television JRTV used to broadcast it live until 1999. Due to political reasons.. in 1998 Israel won the contest and the Israeli Television brought the contest to Jerusaelm and since then JRTV stopped the broadcast.

Another political trivial thing was the application of Lebanon to the contest 2 years ago, but because according to the contract the Lebanese channel had to broadcast all the songs including the Israeli song they withdrew. But it is expected to see Lebanon in 2009 since the applicant Television has changed.

Its also worth mentioning the technically Palestine has the right to participate since its an official member in the EBU, so who knows maybe we will see the contest in Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.

Last year's winner was Serbia (which many thought that it was Europe's way to tell Serbia that we appericiate you although we will take Kosovo from you) and they Hosted this years contest in their capital Belgrade. It was a magnificent show and for one week Belgrade was the center of Europe hosting thousands of young europeans from all over Europe.. from UK to Armenia..

Here is a small interval act during which the Televoting was occuring in this years Eurovision SOng contest . The music played is composed by a famous Serbian musician Goran Bregovic who is popular with his folk serbian music.

You can find more about the contest following this link

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Palestine (حقٌ يأبى النسيان)

Many people through out the world, don't know what exactly happened on that 15th of May 60 years ago. As much as i tried to explain how cruel and inhuman was the Jewish act back then... still it isn't enough to express the agony, the homesickness, the sadness and anger our grandparents felt for being kicked out of their own country, their own houses, their own rooms, gardens, mosques and churches.

If only my grandma is still alive to ask her about those days...Ah she used to remember how every house looked like... and where each family lived in the small city of Ramlah. With a shining glance of hope her eyes can tell you what is Palestine... She passed away but her hope hasn't yet...I'm sure the key of the house is still hidden somewhere...

I truely admire the spirit of hope our grandparents still carry for so they are the best example of how to be patriotic, of how to love your land, your neighbours and your people. I pray to God to give me strength to keep that spirit and deliver it to my children incase i don't get the chance to see Palestine liberated.

My dear friends... No occupation lasted in the world... all nations at the end gained freedom.. thats what history taught us. No matter how many years is needed.. at the end it will be over. So be happy Grandma.. coz we will go back someday.

60 years of hope... are enough for this cause to be continued till the end of times..

Viva Palestine..

Sunday, May 4, 2008

International Fair at the University of Jordan

Within the University of Jordan's campus, the University celebrates it's students' diverstiy, culture and background. Please Join me to celebrate the World's harmony and our determination to spread peace through out the world.

Traditional food.. traditional music...Tourist attractions.. travelling experiences.. traditional dance.. and more.

More than 20 countries...

Make sure to visit Macedonia's corner.. :)

Time and Place:

University of Jordan Campus

Wednesday 7th of May 2008 (from 11:00 till 16:00)

Thursday 8th of May 2008 ( 9:00 till 16:00)