Monday, June 30, 2008

Jordan Festival - w ba3den ?

Reading Al-ghad’s article and reading the comments left by the readers regarding the Jordan festival, many questions popped up in my mind. I wonder till when we will have zeal to boycott musical and cultural events more than the zeal to improve ourselves and stop complaining and nagging about stuff everybody previously agreed.

For the past 25 years, the Jerash festival was an event that put Jordan on the map. It was a rich fusion of cultures, traditions and art bringing nations from all over the world. Did any one complain back then? Do you remember those evergreen Milhem Barakat’s and Majida el Roumi’s wonderful concerts on the south theatre in Jerash?

After an extreme failure in the past few years, the administration of the festival had to do something to revive the event. Although I admit it, there were some organizer’s faults in those failures but they did a great job reviving the festival by creating a new name, a new logo and a new theme. Celebrating the novelty they decided also to bring probably the most famous singers and performers in the Arab world.

Isn’t it all performed in Jordan? Isn’t it designed to serve Jordan and Jordan’s tourism and economy? So whether the company that organized everything is French or Arabic, that doesn’t matter at all and whether the company also organized the celebration of the Israeli state that’s totally irrelevant. We have been dealing with companies that somehow are related to Israel one way or another since the peace treaty but people didn’t argue because they were “satisfied” money wise.

So the real question in my opinion is who is desperately in need of money to the extent that he is willing to use patriotism as excuse to wage such war against Jordan’s interest and benefit. I’ve always believed and still believe that patriotism can’t be expressed with boycotting music, patriotism is that shivering feeling you get when you see Jordan’s flag up high and when you are ready to do anything just to raise the flag even higher everyone to see. But apparently many believe that by singing Omar Abdallat’s songs they are entitled to use the Patriotic adjective. Which resulted in an interesting turn of event, as of yesterday Omar Abdallat won’t be participating in the festival… because of the whole banana French issue! Or is it banana money issue… mmm...

Quit playing with people’s minds and let Jordan be part of the cultural and musical scene. Lets face it this is not the way to end the Israeli occupation but on the opposite its destructive act towards Jordan. And yea there is something called find proves before accusing randomly and let’s stop following every single rumor!


Friday, June 20, 2008

Conflicts within the European Union

One may think that the European Union is a strong, self-sustained, powerful and fault free Union. But the reality states a worse situation, the EU is in a strong crisis ever since the EU Constitution was rejected and until now they are struggling to turn down the tension. But aside of that constitutional or let me say existential problem they are also facing a lot of problems within themselves and with other European countries - non members or candidate countries.

Belgium (EU member) for example lately ran away from the possibility of partitioning its land between the French speaking community and the Dutch speaking community which may either lead to gaining independence or respective accession to either France or the Netherlands. After the June 2007 Elections they went into deep crisis spending a long time constituting their new Government. In March 2008 they managed to create a fragile government that many still wonder how long it will last.

Slovenia (EU member) has a major dispute with Croatia (EU candidate) over marking the border between them. Ever since their break up from the former Yugoslavia they haven't yet reach an agreement over that issue although Slovenia has several times warned their neighbour that this issue may jeopardize the EU candidacy.

Cyprus (EU member) is the only country in EU that has territories under Turkish occupation (as they consider) after the Turkish invasion in the 1970s. Although the United Nations tried to solve the issue before Cyprus' accession to the EU in 2004 with a referendum but the Greek population in Cyprus rejected the re-unification of the Mediterranean island whereas the Turkish population agreed. Whats more interesting is how Greece is meddling in between Cyprus and Turkey and Greece has warned Turkey several times that they will face a Greek Veto if Turkey doesn't withdraw its troops from northen Cyprus.

Greek-Turkish Dispute also referred to as Aegean dispute. The term Aegean dispute refers to a set of interrelated controversial issues between Greece and Turkey over sovereignty and related rights in the area of the Aegean Sea. This set of conflicts has had a large effect on the relations between the two countries since the 1970s. This led twice to crises coming close to the outbreak of military hostilities, in 1987 and in early 1996. And the dispute is also jeopardizing Turkey's aspirations to gain EU full membership.

Greenland which is until now under Danish rule but is granted home rule authority is seeking a way to declare independence since it is not part of EU and that will lead to a great loss for the Danish Economy.

Gibraltar, Spanish territory conquered by Britain in the 1700s. Spain attempted to recapture the territory militarily, with a number of failed sieges, and reclamation of the territory by peaceful means remains Government policy until today.

Greek- Macedonian naming dispute over the name of the Republic of Macedonia. Greece is still opposing the right of a nation of self-identification and is absurdly trying to impose a name to another nation just to cover Greece's massacre over ethnic Macedonians who were living in Greece during the Greek civil war (1950s). They consider that by denying the existence of a Macedonian state they can deny the existence of a Macedonian minority within its border. Greece's recently VETO-ed Macedonia's candidacy to NATO just because they don't like the name. Negotiations are still occurring under the patronage of the UN.

South Ossitia. (non EU member) is a self proclaimed Republic between Russian and Georgian Border that is still seeking UN recognition. It has been used by Russia as Trojan Horse in Georgia. The later still considers South Ossitia to be part of its territory and the dispute is still waiting for a solution. Recently Georgia expressed their intention to Join the NATO alliance to which Russia strongly opposed considering it a threat to Russia's Territorial integrity and sovereignty.

Bosnia and Hercegovina. Country consisted of two entities : Republika Srpska and the Federation of Bosnia and Hercegovina. The entities, based largely on the territories held by the two warring sides at the time, were formally established by the Dayton peace agreement in 1995 due to the tremendous changes in Bosnia and Herzegovina's ethnic structure. It is unclear till now till when this fragile union will last having three different ethnicities (Serbian , Croatian and Bosnian) and it is a possible war source.

Kosovo is another self-proclaimed defacto independent State, although Serbia still considers it part of its territory. So far about 40 something country recognized its independence but the new born country has a lot of to fight in order to get full UN recognition since they are facing a strong opposition from Russia who is Serbia's strongest Ally. Still waiting for a solution that also may reach a critical war level.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

الحق ما بيموت

لبنان رح يرجع
والحق ما بيموت
والشمس رح تتطلع تزين سما بيروت

Thursday, June 5, 2008

"I will always love you" - Balkan Remix :D

I came across this video the other day and thought of sharing it with you. Maybe Whitney Houston has sth to say regarding this remix :)

Performed by a Bulgarian Singer called Nena Tzoneva in the Bulgarian Idol.

What do you think? Whose better our Arabic Super star / Star Academy or this one ? :D


Monday, June 2, 2008

When part of your childhood disappears...

In memoriam - Toše Proeski 1981 - 2007

It was winter 1998, raining heavily.. had a fight with my dad because i wanted to go out and he wanted me to stay home away from the rain, but no.. i had to go.. it was Toše Proeski's first visit to my city.. his first concert in Esperanto Disco... and i wanted to take his autograph so badly.. so i gathered all what i had in my 13 years of courage and decided to go for it..

Streets were full, girls were screaming , wish to touch Toše's hand or have the chance to take a photo with him.. the excitment was growing, i had all the lyrics memorized.. just waiting for the concert to start. Somehow me and my cousin Jasmina, somehow managed to be in the first few rows..

We all went home with a big smile on our faces.. wondering when will be his next concert because i couldn't get his auto-graph. Then we went to Krushevo with my school... Toše's hometown.. the surprise of the trip was his un-expected performance in the Hotel we were staying for the entire school but yet somehow he was evacuated quickly as soon as he finished; because it was becoming very crouded.

Aaah... the Eurovision song contest.. my all time favourite show.. in 2004 he proudly presented Macedonia.. and even though i was in Jordanhaving my tawjihi exams.. i couldn't miss his performance.. i cheered for him and was simply proud.. and still looking forward to attend at least one of his concerts in the Gradski Stadium in the capital Skopje...

My attachment and home-sickness never been stronger when the Ethno- Macedonian Folklor album was released by Toše.. with the ever lasting "Zajdi Zajdi" he wrote his name with bold letters in the history of the Macedonian identity and made me anxiously wait the day when i will go to Macedonia and attend his concert and get his autograph.

That small 13 years old kiddo grew up.. but still has the wish.. 9 years after this Star rose on the Macedonian and Ex- Yugoslav sky it tragically left us... took with him all my hopes and wishes to go to Gradski in Skopje and enjoy with all his fans an ever-green concert..

A significant part of my childhood went with him.. May your soul rest in peace.. Every True Macedonian will remember you along with all the Icons of our History. You won't be forgotten .. your music will always be played and sang that i can promise.

You still owe me an auto-graph

Yours Samer

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Hardest Thing - Toše Proeski

Song performed by the late Macedonian singer Toshe Proeski. He didn't have the chance to hear it in the world's radio stations as his very first english song. But we -Toshe's fans - are here to spread his angelic voice and his everlasting music.
Rest in Peace Toshe.
You won't be forgotten

i will leave you with the vedio clip made after his tragic death by MTV Adria.