Monday, June 2, 2008

When part of your childhood disappears...

In memoriam - Toše Proeski 1981 - 2007

It was winter 1998, raining heavily.. had a fight with my dad because i wanted to go out and he wanted me to stay home away from the rain, but no.. i had to go.. it was Toše Proeski's first visit to my city.. his first concert in Esperanto Disco... and i wanted to take his autograph so badly.. so i gathered all what i had in my 13 years of courage and decided to go for it..

Streets were full, girls were screaming , wish to touch Toše's hand or have the chance to take a photo with him.. the excitment was growing, i had all the lyrics memorized.. just waiting for the concert to start. Somehow me and my cousin Jasmina, somehow managed to be in the first few rows..

We all went home with a big smile on our faces.. wondering when will be his next concert because i couldn't get his auto-graph. Then we went to Krushevo with my school... Toše's hometown.. the surprise of the trip was his un-expected performance in the Hotel we were staying for the entire school but yet somehow he was evacuated quickly as soon as he finished; because it was becoming very crouded.

Aaah... the Eurovision song contest.. my all time favourite show.. in 2004 he proudly presented Macedonia.. and even though i was in Jordanhaving my tawjihi exams.. i couldn't miss his performance.. i cheered for him and was simply proud.. and still looking forward to attend at least one of his concerts in the Gradski Stadium in the capital Skopje...

My attachment and home-sickness never been stronger when the Ethno- Macedonian Folklor album was released by Toše.. with the ever lasting "Zajdi Zajdi" he wrote his name with bold letters in the history of the Macedonian identity and made me anxiously wait the day when i will go to Macedonia and attend his concert and get his autograph.

That small 13 years old kiddo grew up.. but still has the wish.. 9 years after this Star rose on the Macedonian and Ex- Yugoslav sky it tragically left us... took with him all my hopes and wishes to go to Gradski in Skopje and enjoy with all his fans an ever-green concert..

A significant part of my childhood went with him.. May your soul rest in peace.. Every True Macedonian will remember you along with all the Icons of our History. You won't be forgotten .. your music will always be played and sang that i can promise.

You still owe me an auto-graph

Yours Samer

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  1. znam kako se osekas
    i jas ko pomal go slusav i navistana mi e zal sto si otide od ovoj svet
    za sekogas ke bide vo nasite srca
    pocivaj vo mir Tose