Saturday, September 19, 2009

Eid Mubarak

كل عام وانتو بخير
كل عام وبلادنا وشعبنا بخير
وكل عام والمحبة جامعيتنا

Friday, September 18, 2009

"How to tie a tie" pre-interview action!

Ever since i came to Jordan.. a month ago.. i've been job hunting.. i know iknow.. its the worst year to be a fresh graduate and to job hunt because of the economic crisis and all.. but i had to go for it.. So my job hunt started through the regular recruitment websites (bayt, akhtaboot, the Jordanian Engineering Association) and ofcourse the most popular soruce of job vacancies.. newspaper! I worked hard on my CV.. and on a universal cover letter.. and made accounts everywhere.. and the process officially started in mid August.

I started responding to most of the ads that are closely or remotely related to my major.. or submajor.. and this process was repeated almost everyday.. things started to get boring... and i know.. these things take time.. so i was patient and waited.

I saw that these methods weren't effective enough.. so i decided to work more aside of the ads and started to search for companies websites and send my CVs to any possible contact available on their website.. with the subject "Job Application"... desperate? well.. i had to try this way as well :) ..

2 weeks later.. it actually worked.. one pretty big company** actually responded to me..and the response came from the CEO.. i was impressed.. the email stated that i will be contacted by the HR for formal application and arranging interview.. i got hyper and all.. but then something happend.. Ramadan started..

i kept on waiting.. and waiting for their response.. and nothing.. i lost hope.. and expected that if there is any possibility for them to call it will be after Eid.. since productivity is always low during Ramadan unfortunately. But few days ago.. i was surprised by a phone call from the manager of the department i'm applying for asking me to come for interview the next day at 1! i got all hyper and stressed and started calling my friends for tips and advices on what to do on my very first interview... as an Engineer.

The interview day came.. and i was planning to dress smart casual... but phone calls interrupted the harmony i was in.. with hyper notes like "walak you should be wearing your suite! Gosh you should show them respect! " or "a shirt without a jacket and a tie.. ?! are u nuts?!" and "if you don't wear a suite you won't get the Job samer... " .. so i gave up.. and decided to obey my friend's advices.. and wear my suite.. but 2 hours before the interview.. i faced a huge problem.. my dad is at work.. nobody else is home.. and i don't know how to tie my tie! i know i know.. make fun as u want.. am
23 years old man who still havent learnt how to tie his tie.. well in my defence.. there was always someone around to do that for me.. and never imagined things will get that dramatic someday :D.

So being hyper and stressed wasn't a problem any more.. my biggest issue was how to tie my tie..! I tried to be creative.. and the results were a huge disaster... the clock was ticking.. i had an hour and a half to be ready.. and my tie hasn't been tied yet.. i thought of calling a friend to ask how.. then i realised life isn't "who wants to be a millionaire" contest.. but we are in the age of internet..! so yea yea.. am geek.. i googled it! :) and here is the result :

I tried it few times.. having the steps above in front of me.. and after more than 20 attempts.. it actually worked! I learnt how to tie my tie.. in the geekiest way ever! hehe..

I dressed up.. and was very happy for my achievement.. i know it may sound silly.. but that very small achievment.. gave me the neccessary self confidence that was shaking due to stress.. that i can do anything under pressure... and moreover i can be successful under stress.. and thats something if they are proffessional enough.. they should notice.

I went to the interview happy and calm.. and gave the best i can.. and it actually worked .. :) i am un-officially accepted to be part of their engineer's "gang" ... and during mid october things will become inshalla official.. :) **Once i sign the agreement.. i will announce what is the company i will be working at..!

It was a day to remember ... :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Amman Twestival

I've been struggling the past few days since attending Amman twestival to blog about it... i came back home after the event.. trying to tide up my thoughts and all the info i got from the extremely heated discussion but decided to sleep it over.. and blog about it the next day..

The next day... i woke up.. did my usual morning things.. and checked my email.. at first i couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing... i thought am clearly still sleeping.. let me go make some nescafe.. and read the emails.. i came back.. and there it was again! i wasn't dreaming.. i got the Job interview i've been waiting for since last month.. i got all hyper and fuzzy and lost any possible concentration :D .. i suppose you still wonder whats the big deal about having an interview.. but in my case.. its my very first Job interview since i came to Amman.. plus its in one of the places i've always dreamt to work at.. aside of being directly into my major (Mechatronics) its also one of the coolest jobs in Jordan! so there.. at the moment.. i completely forgot about my intentions to blog about Amman Twestival!

So lets go back to Amman Twestival... many posts where dedicated to the event.. many even blogged about it or twitted it live.. some even posted the most powerful 10 quotes mentioned.. all of which in general covered all the details of the event.
For me it was impressive.. for different aspects... the organization itself was a huge success.. thanks to Malik Shishtawi and his foundation.. who made it possible... amazing effort.. and organization in suh a short period. On the other hand, the speaker's (M. Khawaja) presence and personality made the entire experience fun and professional.. including the casual attitude and friendly atmosphere that managed to transform the tiny mistakes into funny situations.. that allowed us to be actually enjoying the discussion. All in all.. it was a huge success! Thank you Malik and Mohammad!

The event guests... were actually very informative.. and encouraging.. i mean.. they managed somehow to make what am doing more sense..i mean i've been blogging and twittering for a while.. and i haven't found any support from any of my friends or my family.. probably coz they can't comprehend what actually am doing when blogging.. but that night .. it all made sense and gave me a push forward to continue.. so Thank you for that!

The idea of live twitting during the event was actually an interesting enhancement to the discussion.. as it gave the attendees more power for interacting... it gave the chance to regular bloggers.. and internet "geeks" to be able to express their rather a fun way.. so the discussion wasn't exclusive to the more professional ones.. but to everyone! which is something i really liked.. it also gave the chance to many twiterjeyyeh :) to be part of the event who for many reasons couldn't be there with us... It also got us a special iPhone discount from the CEO of Orange Mrs. Majd Shweikeh who was also attending the Twestival ... her precense is deeply appreciated.. hoping that more customer - client communication will be conducted in the near future! Thanks for that as well! :) am definitely going to use the discount :)

It was one of those moments when i actually was proud of seeing such event being conducted in Jordan... it gives back high hopes of the Jordanian Youth and Enterprenurs.. i won't go into details about the event.. as its too late for me now to talk about what happend .. hehe .. others have already talked about it in details.. i just wanted to share with you my experience at the 2nd Amman Twestival and waiting for the 3rd one in the near future! Way to go guys! keep it up!

p.s. this post is exclusivley dedicated to Amman Twestival and the Organizers :)... will keep u posted of what happend in the interview day.. (yesterday) in my next post !

Friday, September 11, 2009

What history tires to forget...

Apparently i've been.. or better said my readers have been experiencing some difficulties using my blog. Well not reading it obviously.. but commenting on it. Dunno what exactly was the problem.. but my fellow blogger Naser has pointed out that problem to me and thanks to his note i changed the template and made some blog makeover hoping that would solve the problem and refresh a bit the boring background/template i was using.

So here is the outcome of the "makeover" and the commenting problem no longer exists. I would like to express my apology to all those who have tried to comment during the past period and their comments weren't published.. but i didn't actualy know that there was a problem and that the commenting was disabled. I hope that won't be repeated again. :)

That being said, during my blog makeover... i decided to give my blog a more specific direction.. and purpose. Although mainly during the past 2 years of its existance.. it has been a runaway corner where some ideas emerged.. or some frustrations were expressed as well as some topics that have some historical conotations. Now, after some experiements.. i noticed that the topics that provoke me to write are those concerned with some attempts to change history or better said to create fake history. That doesn't only mean political history.. but everyday events and facts.. that some try to forget.. or other try to hide and eventually become forgotten history. For that purpose, i will try to go for more hidden topics and stories.. about our history.. about our nation.. about our people.. in both Jordan and Palestine.. as well as my second homeland Macedonia.

Hence, "what history tries to forget..." is going to be the new theme of the blog.. that will touch many stories.. events.. people.. and destinies. Stay Tuned! :)