Friday, September 11, 2009

What history tires to forget...

Apparently i've been.. or better said my readers have been experiencing some difficulties using my blog. Well not reading it obviously.. but commenting on it. Dunno what exactly was the problem.. but my fellow blogger Naser has pointed out that problem to me and thanks to his note i changed the template and made some blog makeover hoping that would solve the problem and refresh a bit the boring background/template i was using.

So here is the outcome of the "makeover" and the commenting problem no longer exists. I would like to express my apology to all those who have tried to comment during the past period and their comments weren't published.. but i didn't actualy know that there was a problem and that the commenting was disabled. I hope that won't be repeated again. :)

That being said, during my blog makeover... i decided to give my blog a more specific direction.. and purpose. Although mainly during the past 2 years of its existance.. it has been a runaway corner where some ideas emerged.. or some frustrations were expressed as well as some topics that have some historical conotations. Now, after some experiements.. i noticed that the topics that provoke me to write are those concerned with some attempts to change history or better said to create fake history. That doesn't only mean political history.. but everyday events and facts.. that some try to forget.. or other try to hide and eventually become forgotten history. For that purpose, i will try to go for more hidden topics and stories.. about our history.. about our nation.. about our people.. in both Jordan and Palestine.. as well as my second homeland Macedonia.

Hence, "what history tries to forget..." is going to be the new theme of the blog.. that will touch many stories.. events.. people.. and destinies. Stay Tuned! :)