Monday, May 18, 2009

Goodbye Sweden...

As my journey in Sweden comes to an end.. i couldn't but look back at the past 4 months and remember how was the experience of the drastic change from the busy streets of Amman.. to the extremely calm city of Lund in the south of Sweden. 

I arrived here, on a windy cold day. I got off at Lund Central Station from the Copenhagen Airport train, and called my mentor to pick me up and take me to my hostel. The city seemed empty.. all i kept thinking was where the hell are all the people? it was almost 4 in the afternoon.. but it was dark already.. as the day is very short here up north in the winter. 

I got to my little dorm room, and tucked myself into my blanket.. and a strong feeling of lonliness hit me.. i decided to sleep.. and imagine am still back in my home in Amman. 

THe next day, i started figuring out everything.. i met my flat mates with whom i shared the kitchen and the laundry.. as well as explored the dorm building in which i found saunas , restaurant and even a small gym. It seemed warm and friendly.. but still alone..

Starting the semestar was probably the only thing that took me away from the loop i was stuck in. And i got my schedule and met my colleagues.. it all started to make sense.. 10 days later.. i explored the city.. found the basics of living around here.. learnt the esence of being a swedish person : work/study , have lunch.. go home.. sleep at 7 (since everything closes at 6 - literally everything). 

The rain.. the snow.. the grey scene.. was everywhere.. it was like the nature is mourning.. and those little precious hours in which the sun was visible.. where so short at first.. and i felt that people didn't know how to appreciate them. But slowly things got changed.. the Spring came.. around mid march.. and the awakening phenomena appeared in every single corner.. and even in people's laughter.. and mood. They started to talk.. and be more social.. and they started to explore other ways of living aside of the previously mentioned routine.

and once i started to enjoy the fast rythem of the fun city of Lund.. i realised it was time for me to go.. I have never imagined that nature have such an impact on people's behavior and habbits. It really is interesting to see that people up north.. literally sleep more in winter.. and stay awake more in the summer.. - i thought thats only for the polar bears :D 

But hey, lets give the swedish people a break, they are not that bad.. they are very caring people.. thoughtful.. pleasant to talk to, they have in general a good attitude towards Arabs.. and particularly Palestinians and they love our Queen Rania.. :) they speak about her always when i tell them i come from Jordan. Oh and when they get drunk on weekends they are fun people to party ! :))

Now that am leaving in few days to another journey in Europe.. I think i am gonna miss the inner peace i had while living here.. the nature.. those little muffins in the nearby coffeehouse... am gonna miss reading in the park.. i am gonna miss the spirit of Lund. 

p.s. my next post will be impressions of my next destination.. will keep it a secret for now :))

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  1. so it takes alcohol to make a sweedish party! LOL! :P

    nice experience man, tohugh you sonded like you needed more time to enjoy...lets say...summer...thts if they have it up there :D