Thursday, May 7, 2009

Eurovision Song Contest 2009

Next week, the Russian capital Moscow, will be the host of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest (ESC).. after a very suspicious victory in Belgrade last year. But, let's leave what happend last year aside.. the Russians are taking their job pretty seriously.. and 10 days ahead of the big show..they are determined to put into the shadow all the previous contests, and deliver a world class european show to all the 42 participating countries.. and the watching world.
This year, Almost all the European countries are participating.. with only Italy ,Austria and Georgia missing out, which makes it one of the most watched and popular TV shows through out all Europe and Israel who participates regularly even though its not a European country. 

This year's eurovision song contest, will be remembered by many interesting events to name a few..

Georgia's disqualification from the contest, since they were accused to be sending a song politically motivated. They thought they can outsmart the Russians.. and present a song called "We don't want to Put in" clearly playing with the words.. and moking the current Russian Prime Minister and former president Vladimir Putin after the Georgian/Russian crisis of August 2008.
The Arabic and Israeli Duet representing Israel for the first time on the ESC with a song sending a peace message (as they claim) entitled "There must be another way" performed by Mira Awad and Noa, which was very controversial issue between both the arabs and isrealis.

Another big change in the format of the competition this year, is having 50 % jury votes and another 50 % coming from the countries' televoters, to avoid previous "mafia" voting.. where voting became a political sign of friendship.. instead of voting to the best song. So it became very preditable that each year the Sandinavian countries will vote for each other, the Balkan and Yugoslav countries to each other.. the Ex- Soviet to each other.. and ofcourse Greece and Cyprus exhanging the 12 points every year.. So the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) is hoping that this practise will come to an end.. and the best song to win. 

Having too many countries singing, this year ESC will be having two semifinals in which the best 10 of each semifinal will be qualifying to the Final along with the Host (Russia) and big 4 ( UK, France, Germany and Spain) who automatically go to the final every year.. (very democratic.. i know!). 

The Olympic Indoor Arena in Moscow, will be the avenue hosting the big show the next 12 , 14 and 16 of May with an expeted capacity of 20,000 guests in the Final plus the Press center in the very same building. 

About the songs, in my opinion.. there is nothing special to be remembered.. or any hit to mark 2009. But there is certainly a nice variety of music.. from Hard Rock, soft rock, pop, disco, ethno, traditional, balad slow music.. and Hiphop. Its a nice way to get to know the European Countries in a cultural way.. so i strongly recommend to add it to your schedule.. of next week.. you can find it on almost all the national TV stations on Hotbird. 

Let the Best song win. 

P.S. You can still watch the Champion Leagues final Man United and Barcelona.. next wednesday as they do not coincide ! :))

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