Friday, April 24, 2009

where is Jordan?? :)

Once u travel, one of the best experiences ever is hearing what normal people from around the world think about your culture and country.. and more importantly... get to know if they know about your country in the first place.. :)

During the past few years, i have visited several countries.. and met wide variety of nationalities and ethnicities.. and upon introducing myself.. of coming from Jordan.. some had very interesting reactions. I would like to share with you some of them:

Polish guy (hostel receptionist): Ah nice you know, u r the first ones who come to our hotel from Jordan... where is Jordan anyway?? please tell me anything about ur country.. i really wanna know !

Polish guy again: Do u have cars? (Dear God) :S

French man (artist): Ah Jordan! I was there..Petra is just goregous.. its a shame people don't speak french there.. 

French man 2:  ah oui oui.. Jordanie.. lovely people.. there is this lovely city i can't forget.. i can't remember its name.. 
me: Amman? 
FM2: no no.. it starts with B ?
me: ha?? are u sure?? 
FM2: yes yes.. its on the sea.. 
me: are u talkin about Beirut?
FM2: YES.. thats the one..
me: sir this city is in Lebanon..
FM2: Oh.. (speaking to his friend) i should stop drinking.... (and falls into a deep laughter)

Bulgarian guy: oh Amman!  how exotic!! (i dunno what did he meant by that - but i guess he had a flashback image of Arabian Nights)

Swedish flat-mate: Ah Jordan... yea ... King Abdullah and Queen Rania.. also the late King Hussein.. very lovely Royal family..

Swedish flate-mate 2: you have a lot of water pipes there no?? :)) Dude Shisha rocks..!

Swedish colleage at University: oh you from Jordan?? Assalamu Alaykom! I Study arabic for fun!

Swedish girl (my friend's flate mate): do you have a lot of terrorists?? ( WTF?)

Swedish man (at Westren Union office) :
WU: where do u want to sendmoney to? Jordan? where is that? 
me : You know Jordan.. middle east..? Amman..?
WU: Ahh Yordaniaa 
me: yea thats what am saying.. 
WU: no sir.. u said Jordan.. how am i supposed to know!

my Greek Professor: Jordan.. and Amman.. i love them.. it reminds me of my home in Greece.

Turkish hotel receptionist: Ah Urdon! Urdon! :)) (and that was it =) )

2 Macedonian old ladies: 
OL1: So u lived in Jordan?
me: Yes
OL1: but u speak fluent Macedonian...
me: yes am half macedonian and half jordanian :))
OL2: there must be a macedonian school in Jordan... hence the fluency..
me: ha?! macedonian school in jordan!!? ( didn't expect such answer)

Macedonian friend: Jordan?? hmm.. yea yea.. Jordan River.. wasn't Jesus Christ baptised there?

to be continued :)


  1. haha nice one man and it will be long story if every where u go,things like this happen :)...keep telling us what they will tell u ;) :P

  2. there's a really special one

    "Oh, how many camels do you have? do you have to ride one to work?"

  3. thanks mazz :)
    people can be sometimes unbelievably ignorant!

    but its good that we burst these weird bubbles for them .. and let them know what the reality is.