Sunday, April 12, 2009

Impressions.. Live from Paris..Part 1

time: 13:10 11-April-2009
place: Montmartre - Basilique du Sacré-Cœur square - Paris
images i couldn't but trying to "flag" them in my mind:

- a group of young people.. probably around 50 or sth, entertained by a public guitar player/singer, all singing with him the seventies hits and evergreens...

- magnificent and glorious building overviewing Paris... thousands of people.. Christians.. Muslims.. entering the Basilica..

-(Inside the church) Breathtaking Alter, frescos, infinite number of candles.. thousands of people.. but yet silence..

-(outside again) a woman dressed up in the 17th century clothing posing for pictures..

- an old man, my guess that he is older than 60.. sitting on the grass, having his coffee.. and reading todays "le Monde"..

- infinte number of couples.. announcing their love to each other on probably the most romantic spot i've seen..

- a Violinist.. playing the Spring part of the Four Seasons piece of Vivaldi..

- Kids runnig and trying to fly a kite..

- 3 middle aged women.. laughing and talking loudly in french.. damn they sounded cool..

- A painter making a portrait of a small kid posing in front of him..

- Clear Sky..

- The Eiffel Tour visible from the Square..

- Me ... lost between all these people.. and everynow and then.. remembering to breath..

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