Monday, April 27, 2009

On simplicity...

We all have problems, worries, work duties or family headaches.. they consume so much energy from us. They even force us to give them attention more than ourselves.. we end up forgetting to live and having a peaceful mind.. and a simple smile on our faces.

I woke up today and started my morning routine of coffee and news reading.. until i came across a lovely clip on youtube.. which i can describe in only 3 words: cute, simple and beautiful. 

Its interesting how both the singers and the author of the animated clip expressed it in such a simple way that drew uncontrollably an honest smile on my face while watching it. 

The author of this clip is a talented young Egyptian blogger named Ahmad Ali and here is his blog

If only we look at everything with such simple eye.. don't u think life will be better? 
hope that it drew a smile on ur faces while watching the clip. :)