Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swine Flu in the world - up until now

The Swine Flu, a new threat to the world. Is expanding rapidly and mostly by people coming from Mexico. almost 90% of the cases registered in both Europe and USA and Israel are due to a returning citizens from Mexico.. some of which sadly spent their honey moon there. 

The Maps below are updated maps taken from google maps showing where exactly symptoms of the Swine flu were registered or where people were hospitalized. 

The world: 


Europe and Middle East:

Pink markers are suspect
Purple markers are confirmed or probable
Deaths lack a dot in marker
Yellow markers are negative

For further info and updated data go here. 


  1. This is getting very scary -
    In fact, it's now not easy to speak to people with flu-like symptoms. Let's all hope that they manage to contain it.

  2. Indeed, but i think knowing where is it spreading and understanding what are the symptoms exactly are the best way to fight it.