Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tawjihi? Very over rated event..

Looking at the news and following the raising euphoria in the Jordanian Media / streets about announcing the tawjihi results.. i couldn't help it .. but going back 5 years in time. Yes.. i finished tawjihi in the doomed year of 2004.. when the tests were stolen.. and i had to repeat 3 exams (Arabic, English and Chemistry)... but thats not really the point of this post...

I mean.. yea it was a big deal at that time for me.. only because i felt there is an enormous tension raising around me.. my parents.. my brother.. my family... hell even my school teachers where expecting me to get high average.. "abayed esm el madraseh".. its like they look at my success as a way to get their name out of the mud?! ma 3alena..

Bottom line.. it was a big deal to me... but after that.. i started my university journey.. which by all means was 500 % harder than the tawjihi ! even though i was still on the older system (not 7ozam) which was even harder than the new one. You have 10 subjects.. 10 books.. the questions are limited to the text book given... the Ministry.. has never .. literally never asked questions that are not available clearly in the book... or teacher's notebook.. which really makes the task a lot easier on the student.

They just ask you to study... simply... its not like they are asking students to discover a new anti-matter bomb .. or go to CERN and be part of the experiment of the century!

Even though the examing system has been changed slightly.. and made more easy.. people tend to make a big deal out of it... making a huge pressure.. on the students.. who are supposed to have the time of their life as their puberty period hits the climax at that age. Do you know what the result is? Once they pass this step.. students have this illusion that if u manage to pass tawjihi.. they will manage to pass everything ahead... - the biggest mistake ever!

Tawjihi is just a selection way .. designed by the education system.. to find out the strong and weak points of our students... It should be a big deal for the students.. but not a big deal for the family or the society for that matter. Families should point out to their students.. that its just the first step.. and that from now on.. u should start fighting to get anything.. thats how life works.. u need to fight to get whatever u need... and Tawjihi is just the first lesson... every next step.. is just a harder "tawjihi experience"...

Believe me Tawjihi Graduates.. after 4 or 5 years.. when u finish inshalla your University.. u will not be able to describe your happiness and satisfaction.. u will even look back at ur tawjihi experience as a piece of cake. Celebrate today.. you have won a battle.. but not the war.. Congratulations for now.. and good luck in your next "tawjihi" experience.

p.s. for those who didn't pass.. well... there is a natural phenomenon called "Natural selection".. in which only the strong can survive... put that in mind.

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