Sunday, August 16, 2009

My friends.. the greatest gift of Amman.. am back

It has been a while since i blogged and checked on you guys.. But the past 2 weeks were extremely hectic.. there were so many things to talk about.. and blog about.. i even made soo many mental flags about events and things i passed since i left Macedonia and started my road trip towards Jordan.. but i never found the right time to write them down.

Its great to be back to Amman.. too many things have changed.. but even more things have remained the same. Probably because i was following the news and the events about Jordan.. so i wasn't surprised by most of the things.. my friends were even surprised that i knew some details they didn't know..!

My friends.. the greatest gift of all.. have made it quit great to be back in Amman.. i never imagined it will make me that happy. I never knew how much i miss them.. and love them until i left.. everytime i go out with them.. order some food for dinner together.. i can't stop smiling.. and thanking God for having them..

I wanted to write so many things... and i wanted to comment on so many topics..but i would like to dedicate this post to my Friends.. who made it so much easy to leave my best Macedonia.. to my dearest Jordan :-)

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