Saturday, July 25, 2009

City Center...

Time: Friday 24th of July 2009 , 8:30 a.m
Place: Square Macedonia - City Center Skopje

- Church bells singing..
- a huge flag proudly standing in front of the stone bridge.
- The stone bridge carrying the smell of the Ottomans and holding the people above Vardar.
- An old man drinking coffee in a cafe..
- Two women discussing politics loudly (the name issue) in the same cafe.. the old man shushes them.
- A man cleaning the square..
- Flowers and Statues everywhere..
- An adorable old couple.. wearing funny hats.. and holding each others hands.. and walking towards the river..
- News paper delivery boy.. riding his bicylce.
- The Millenium Cross from one side.. the Ottoman Acropole (Kale) guarding the square..
- Me.. having Burek and Yogurt for Breakfast.. on a bench.. enjoying the view.. and saying to myself.. "its good to be here again.. and i will defenetly come back..."

Coming soon to Jordan..

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