Saturday, March 8, 2008

New Palestine

Red and dark sky
the door bell is ringing, silence
a soldier and a small kiddo are standing behind it
but only one of them is real...

Children are screaming in agony
mothers are falling in despair
houses are torn down
this is the 21st massacared Palestine

The door is opened
the soldier comes in
tired from all the fired gun shots
the kiddo goes to the kitchen
it all seemed to him new

exhausted mothers walk together
holding pictures of that small kiddo
with pain, anxiety and desperate looks
but with pride, dignity and heroism

Our kiddo thanks the soldier
for so he helped him to go to paradise
for so he made Paradise our new Palestine
filled with innocent looks and honest hearts

Thats our new Palestine
from there comes our support
we will not give up
you will not be forgotten

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