Thursday, October 15, 2009

BAD09: Nature's revenge

It really is frustrating to keep hearing about conferences, actions, campaigns and zillions of other activities to raise awareness about the Climate change and the Global warming and find out later that no results have taken place. At least i haven't felt any change.. nor have seen any optimistic reaction from anyone... why? well because those countries who are concerned to do those actions are well.. wealthy enough to fund such projects.

I live in Jordan, pretty calm country... peaceful.. expensive... and unfortunately poor when it comes to resources and economy; so what kind of actions the world is expecting from me? To start recycling our garbage? to teach people that you can't put metals, with glasses, with plastic and food all together in one tiny single bin? really ? is it gonna work? are you sure? ...Maybe... but I honestly doubt not because people aren't intelligent enough to learn the new habit but because people really have more issues to deal with.. well at least in my region. Come to think of which... each place on earth has its own problems..the biggest two continents are facing some pretty serious problems, for instance in Africa they have an enormous expansion of diseases... in Asia they have a population crisis that makes it easier for natural disasters to kill people... Not to mention the endless wars and unbalanced use of weapons.

I don't think that our problem is recycling, nor technology.. nor the sun.. nor the climate.. its us.. we are FAR too many for the earth to handle... and i don't think it was designed to handle such number.. and as time passes.. earth's population is increasing exponentially. I do agree with all the efforts the world is trying to do.. to solve the problem.. but how about going to the route of the problem.. which i believe is the unplanned and uncontrollable increase in the Earth's population... It really is selfish of us living at the moment.. to give birth to children that won't even have enough food to survive.. it really is sad to see that there are thousands of children in Africa and Asia abounded by their un-qualified parents...

What happens on earth today.. is just a natural reaction... Earth's population must decrease.. or at least the population density must decrease.. and be more balanced around the world.. with some planning and proper administration ... countries should start orienting themselves to the rural areas of it instead of increasing the population in the big cities... that i think would give the nature a chance to breath .. otherwise.. the Earth has its ways to get rid of us. I guess the concept of Revenge isn't human after all.

I am aware that there are many global efforts to control the activity of the Developed and developing countries.. within an international protocol... all i wish is that they take into consideration the route problem that i see it.. and blend it in the new Copenhagen Environmental protocol to be announced later this year.


  1. I totally agree with you,that we are the main reason this is happening,but we still can contain this problem.

    if i was in charge,I would start educating students in schools,I would start from KG,I would teach them how to take care of this planet,which they will inhabit for many years to come.

    I would also educate the elderly,and I would scare the youngsters and middle aged..they are arrogant and wouldn't get it any other way.

    great article :)

  2. I agree.. its like the awareness so far is kept out of school curricula, though the route of the problem is people's behavior.. and to get rid of it u need a proper education and stronger campaigns.

    Thanks for stopping by Mala2e6... Nawarti el blog :)