Friday, June 5, 2009

Greek Neo-Nazis Attack Macedonian Minority

The Greek Neo-Nazi faction Golden Dawn, entered and ravaged during a promotion of a Macedonian-Greek dictionary, promoted by the party of the Macedonian minority in Greece called "Rainbow". Rainbow is part of the European Free Alliance and Greece is a member of the European Union. This should not be allowed to happen in third world countries let alone a EU member.

Because Rainbow is part of the EFA, such provocations can be seen as political pressure for the current European elections. It is not the first time for the neo-nazis to pull off such a stunt on behalf of Rainbow, but the Greek and EU authorities seem not to care as no official condemned the incident up until now. 

Its more than obvious now why Greece refuses to recognize Macedonia under its constitutional name.

Watch the attack on the clip bellow. All rights reserved to theMac3donian

Call me by my name.. Don't FYROM me.. Say Macedonia.


  1. look at whats happening in your own fascist led country before accusing Greece of any wrongdoing! You have stolen a piece of history which is not your and yes Greeks will defend it! What do you expect? Go back to Bulgaria.

  2. Letter to President Barack Obama signed by 201* Scholars of Graeco-Roman antiquity from all around the World about Ancient Macedonian History:

  3. First of all mr. anonymous, thanks for your comment and reading my blog.. though i would appreciate it to write with ur own name to increase my friends online..but then again.. i should have expected that its difficult for u.

    But anyway... the video above speaks for itself.. for the official Greek policy.. they claim to be the cradle of Democracy but yet they are afraid from promoting a dictionary to bring together the two nations closer. But you obviously don't want that.. and want to hide the fact that Greece occupied Macedonia during the Balkan Wars 1912-1913.

    I wonder why official Greece renamed its northern province into Macedonia only in 1989?

    I wonder why Official Greece renamed the airport in Thessaloniki into Macedonia in the 1980s... why not before?

    I wonder why speaking Macedonian language is prohibited in northern Greece..

    I wonder why names of cities and lakes are changed into Greek names after the Balkan Wars..

    I wonder why there are thousands of emigrants from Aegean Macedonia now living in the Republic of Macedonia and lost their homes?

    I wonder why Greece shamelessly deny my right of self identification..

    Anyhow.. the world has spoken.. and more than hundreds of countries in the world have recognized our constitutional name...2013 is coming.. and the Bucharest treaty upon which Macedonia was divided will be revised.. and then the truth will be shown to the world.