Sunday, December 2, 2007

"LOST" in Palestine

" In may1948 an airplane there was a plane flying on the relation Switzerland - Dubai with flight number 815 suddenly experienced strong turbulance in the desert of Arabia..decided to go back but lost track, but the turbulance went even stronger.. and the tail of the plane got torn out and the air plane crashed on a mountain named "Sion"...

Everything happens for a reason... so the survivors of this plane crash decided to keep themselves alive till the "forign" aid comes to rescue them.. but yet somehow no one comes.. as if everyone is happy for this plane crash.. so they decided to find their out of this mountain..and survive.. it was wild.. and misterious but some how Devine! These survivors were from different ethnicities.. but yet their paths crossed on this flight "on purpose" ?

But unfortunately (to the survivors) they weren't alone on this mountain.. they shared it with the "Others" .. looking for a way to survive their attacks they dig a whole in the mountain and found a tunnel filled with money and weapons to be used against the "Others"...

Later on those survivors found out that they aren't the only survivors.. so they gather up from all over the mountain and start their own community and quazi state.. "

Is it really that simple as my own version of LOST suggests..? Does really everything happens for a reason? Does justice work this way? Does the Occupation of Palestine in 1948 and later in 1967 happened for a reason..?

What happend to all the refugees from Palestine who lost their homes, their soverentiy, their dignity just because its destiny? Is it fair to put all the palestinians in what i can only describe as a huge jail with enourmously long and tall wall..? will the death of all the martyrs for free Palestine be someday justified to the humanity?

Can we really consider someday to have two states Palestinian and Israeli living side by side peacefully as the lastest Annapolis conference suggested? i truely wonder..

Some may wait and see what will happen in Season 4 which you should expect it soon on the Island TV... with their popcorn in their lap and watch a good action movie.. but others like me will look for a way to share the truth of an occupied Palestine with the whole world.. to declare war agains Israeli terrorism.. and stop the apartheid in the west bank. Stop watching the reality from outside and lets us all together work and contribute in the most civilised way to the Freedom of Palestine.. peace in the middle east.. better tomorrow for all the Palestinian children..

Long live Palestine... and may Peace be up on all of us till the end of days

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