Thursday, November 22, 2007

Eyes looking northwest...

if only i have wings to fly up high
fly till i start recognizing the houses of my place...
to go see Stambol, Kukush to see

to see if the sun rises brighter than here
if it warms me more than here, my heart will shiver
if it is darker than herei will pack up by bags and run to see whats wrong

here its dark, and darkness is coating me
dust everywhere covering the autumn clouds
i need to feel the ice of autumn.. the first snow
the coldness of the ambient and smell of the fireplaces

No! i can not stay here
No! I can not watch this
give me wings to fly up high
fly till i see the chimnies and their smoke
to go home.. to see Ohrid, Skopje to see

There the dawn warms the soul
and the sun brightly sets in the woods
there the nature left its utmost beauty
clear lake from the sun goes white
and sister lake from the storms goes dark

rivers everywhere filled with wealth
mountains spread around filled with monastries
where ever your eyes look... they can see God's beauty
give me wings to fly up high
fly to celebrate Christmas where i will feel it
to go home... to see Solun, Strumica to see

to listen to the voice of peace.. and wait the new sun to be born...

inspired by - "T'ga za Jug" (Missing south) poem written by Konstantin Miladinov one of the most productive Macedonian Poets.

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  1. You go Su su el motawa77esh .. hehe .. i like it, very true, very warm and very ... God, peaceful!!

    man, zakkartini of old christmas times, they were different .. anyhow.. keep it up champ!!